Bug 5081 - xml extensions naming inconsistencies
: xml extensions naming inconsistencies
wsrf managed execution job service
: 4.0.3
: PC Linux
: P3 normal
: 4.0.5
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Reported: 2007-03-07 03:41 by
Modified: 2007-03-13 08:00 (History)



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Description From 2007-03-07 03:41:10
The use of the flag 'xml_extensions' isn't done consistently:
ManagedExecutableJobResource adds it to the Perl job description:
  4.0 branch: xmlextensions
  4.0 community branch: xmlextensions
  HEAD: xml_extensions

JobManager.pm then checks for existence of that flag:
  4.0 branch: not supported
  4.0 community branch: if ($description->xml_extensions())
  HEAD: if ($description->xml_extensions())

JobManager.pm in globus_gram_job_manager_scripts-0.3.tar.gz available on the
download page:
   if ($description->xml_extensions())

This inconsistency in naming, xml_extensions <--> xmlextensions caused problems
for a user in the gt-user list.
I'll change that to xml_extensions in the 4.0 branch during the merge of
the community branch.
------- Comment #1 From 2007-03-13 07:59:28 -------
Done during merge of the 4.0 community branch to the
4.0 branch.