Bug 4330 - Job Run Queue Processing Algorithm Inefficient
: Job Run Queue Processing Algorithm Inefficient
wsrf managed execution job service
: 4.0.1
: PC Linux
: P3 normal
: 4.0.2
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: 4197
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Reported: 2006-04-06 09:37 by
Modified: 2006-04-06 09:38 (History)



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Description From 2006-04-06 09:37:54
The job run queue processing can get bogged down in relatively long staging
tasks. This causes short tasks to have to wait often for a large number of
these slow tasks to finish before they can be processed. This causes a big slow
down especially when a non-staging job is requested and has to wait for staging
tasks. Some sort of queue prioritization needs to be implemented. Also, staging
states should be skipped entirely if not needed to optomize non-staging job
------- Comment #1 From 2006-04-06 09:38:49 -------
Fix in HEAD, globus_4_0_branch, and globus_4_0_community.