Bug 4309 - HP-UX IA64 broken due to not hardcoding libpaths
: HP-UX IA64 broken due to not hardcoding libpaths
: Toolkit Internals
: unspecified
: IA64 HP-UX
: P3 major
: 4.0.2
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Reported: 2006-03-23 23:07 by
Modified: 2006-04-18 10:58 (History)



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Description From 2006-03-23 23:07:25
The change we did for avoiding hardcoding libpaths has broken HP-UX on IA64.
The following was reported via email:


The OpenSSL problem is the most serious and is due to this change in

   < hardcode_into_libs=$hardcode_into_libs
   > #hardcode_into_libs=$hardcode_into_libs
   > # Always "no" for Globus to support relocatability
   > hardcode_into_libs=no

It appears that HP-UX must have "hardcode_into_libs" set to "yes" (which
is what used to happen), or else the libraries will end up with
hardcoded path information in them which causes links against that
library to fail.  In OpenSSL, "../ssl/.libs/libssl_vendorcc32pthr.so"
had a compiled-in path to "../crypto/.libs/libcrypto_vendorcc32pthr.so"
so, even though the new path to "libcrypto_vendorcc32pthr.so" was
specified on the command line, it was ignored by the linker.

At this time, I do not know of a work-around to this issue, other than
get this variable back to "yes" for HP-UX.  In addition to appearing in
"aclocal.m4", this hardcoded setting also appears ~5 times in each of
these "configure" scripts:

------- Comment #1 From 2006-03-24 16:41:08 -------
I reenabled hardcode_libs on HP-UX platforms. Fix commited to globus_4_0_branch
and HEAD.