Bug 2927 - Not enough PostgreSQL Setup Instructions
: Not enough PostgreSQL Setup Instructions
: development
: PC Linux
: P3 normal
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Reported: 2005-03-10 18:57 by
Modified: 2005-04-01 16:45 (History)



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Description From 2005-03-10 18:57:50
Especially after the conversation on setup difficulties on the dev-internal
mailing list, I would like to see just a little bit more doc on how to setup
postgresql.  I realize there is a link to the postgresql manuals, but I don't
think it's too much more effort to add some basics that someone can use if, for
example, their Linux distro comes with PostgresQL already.  Here are some notes
I took while trying to set things up on a new FC3 installation:

1) Confused about step #2.  The postmaster is not a script but a compiled binary
on my system.  I just have a postgresql system init script in /etc/rc.d/init.d/.
 To that script I add -i where it invokes postmaster in the start() function.

2) The createdb step (#3) complains that user "<user name>" does not exist.
After reading the doc at the following URL:

I did the following:

	i) sudo -u postgres createuser <user name>
	ii) createdb rftDatabase

4) globus-start-container still gave me the following warning:

2005-03-10 13:29:57,169 WARN  service.ReliableFileTransferHome
[main,initialize:88] All RFT requests will fail and all GRAM jobs that require
file staging will fail.A connection error has occurred: FATAL:  no pg_hba.conf
entry for host "<ip address>", user "<user name>", database "rftDatabase", SSL off

I had to do the following:

	i)	sudo vi /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf
	ii)	appended the following line to the file:

	host	rftDatabase <user name> <ip address> trust

	iii)	sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql restart

At VERY least I would like to see some of this info in the troubleshooting
section (there's already a little about step #2, but I didn't find step #2 very
clear), but that is not to say I don't think it should be integrated into the
setup steps.

I also understand that some of this may be automated, but much of it is sys
admin stuff that can't be.
------- Comment #1 From 2005-04-01 16:45:56 -------
I added more documentation for configuring postgresql.