Bug 1141 - Misleading error messages using globus-makefile-header
: Misleading error messages using globus-makefile-header
: Toolkit Internals
: 2.0
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: P2 minor
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Reported: 2003-08-12 12:55 by
Modified: 2004-05-28 11:31 (History)



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Description From 2003-08-12 12:55:40
When running globus-makefile-header using globus-2.4.2 on a SGI (also tested
using a Sun box as well), I receive misleading errors when only GLOBUS_LOCATION
or GPT_LOCATION is set:

turing.hyeung 201> unsetenv GLOBUS_LOCATION
turing.hyeung 202> unsetenv GPT_LOCATION
turing.hyeung 203> globus-makefile-header --flavor vendorcc32
ERROR: GPT_LOCATION or GLOBUS_LOCATION needs to be set before running this
script at/grid/globus/2.4.2/bin/globus-makefile-header line 15.
turing.hyeung 204> setenv GLOBUS_LOCATION /grid/globus/2.4.2
turing.hyeung 205> globus-makefile-header --flavor vendorcc32
Can't locate Grid/GPT/Dependencies.pm in @INC (@INC contains:
/usr/nas/pkg/perl/5.6./lib/5.6.1/IP27-irix /usr/nas/pkg/perl/5.6.1/lib/5.6.1
/usr/nas/pkgperl/modules/lib/site_perl /usr/nas/pkg/perl/5.6.1/ .
/grid/globus/2.4.2/lib/perl) a
/grid/globus/2.4.2/bin/globus-makefile-header.gpt1 line 32.
ERROR: Command failed
turing.hyeung 206> unsetenv GLOBUS_LOCATION
turing.hyeung 207> setenv GPT_LOCATION /grid/globus/2.4.2/src
turing.hyeung 208> globus-makefile-header --flavor vendorcc32
ERROR: GPT_INSTALL_LOCATION needs to be set before running this script.
Or use the -location switch at
/grid/globus/2.4.2/src/lib/perl/Grid/GPT/Locations.pmline 118.
turing.hyeung 209> setenv GPT_INSTALL_LOCATION /grid/globus/2.4.2/src
turing.hyeung 210> globus-makefile-header --flavor vendorcc32
No packages were found that matched your query!
turing.hyeung 211> setenv GLOBUS_LOCATION /grid/globus/2.4.2
turing.hyeung 212> globus-makefile-header --flavor vendorcc32
No packages were found that matched your query!
turing.hyeung 213> unsetenv GPT_INSTALL_LOCATION
turing.hyeung 214> globus-makefile-header --flavor vendorcc32
GLOBUS_INCLUDES = -I/grid/globus/2.4.2/include/vendorcc32
------- Comment #1 From 2003-09-18 12:02:39 -------
The error messages you are encountering when one, but not both, of GPT_LOCATION
and GLOBUS_LOCATION are set are generated by the GPT, not by
globus-makefile-header, so I am giving this bug to Michael Bletzinger at NCSA,
who maintains the GPT.  GPT_INSTALL_LOCATION should never need to be set to use
globus-makefile-header.  GLOBUS_LOCATION always needs to be set when using
globus-makefile-header, and GPT_LOCATION needs to be set if the GPT was
installed into a different location than GLOBUS_LOCATION (which is recommended). 
------- Comment #2 From 2004-03-18 13:14:36 -------
What we have here is an interface problem probably caused by the misnamed
paramter 'pkgdir' which should actually be called 'installdir'.  The following
patch needs to be applied to globus-makefile-header to fix this:

--- globus-makefile-header      Thu Mar 18 13:10:33 2004
+++ globus-makefile-header.orig Thu Mar 18 13:09:32 2004
@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@
     # point our installation object at our globus location
-    $installation = new Grid::GPT::Installation(pkgdir => $globus_path);
+    $installation = new Grid::GPT::Installation(pkgdir =>