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63 bugs found.
ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
1755 nor P2 All NEW Sending untyped locally declared elements thru an <any> element wildcard
5753 enh P2 Wind NEW Logging timestamp should be in microseconds
5828 enh P3 All NEW Improve Java WS Core metrics reporting (4.0.x releases)
6047 enh P3 All NEW Update metrics report code for JWS-Core V3 packets
5470 enh P3 All NEW Provide a simple, reusable, in-memory Service Group implementation
1790 enh P3 All NEW It would be nice to pass an XSLT file to transform data published by an SDE.
2365 enh P3 All NEW Post 4.0, consider allowing log4j specifics in toolkit logging -- specifically NDC
2471 nor P3 All NEW Signature Verification Issues
2604 nor P3 Linu NEW Not able to query local of client.
2605 nor P3 All NEW No fault codes in remote exceptions.
2894 enh P3 Linu NEW Would like to see (EJB-like) pass-by-reference Local invocations
3001 enh P3 All NEW Port GT4 to use Apache Apollo and Hermes
3113 min P3 Linu NEW Processing in the compact dirs produces output depending on JVM
3145 enh P3 Wind NEW Removal of persisted delegatd credentials that have expired
3482 min P3 Linu NEW wsa:From is not set correctly
3483 nor P3 Linu NEW xsd:anyType not serialized correctly
3485 cri P3 All NEW Resource ServiceAuthorizationChain.close is not called when the resource is removed
3497 nor P3 All NEW TrustedTargetHandler only works with message level security
3502 cri P3 Linu NEW Container freezes (CPU spin) when making remote call between ws-resources
3597 nor P3 All NEW polymorphism and abstract types in WSDL only partially working
3715 enh P3 Linu NEW Allow classpath override in org.globus.bootstrap.Bootstrap
4109 enh P3 Wind NEW Difficult to retrofit an existing web service to utilize GSI portions of the GT4 Java WS Core
4308 nor P3 All NEW globusrun-ws handles -self differently than java clients
4374 nor P3 All NEW Standalone container performance on the Mac
4432 nor P3 Linu NEW SimpleTopic.notify(SOAPElement element) drop child elements
4547 nor P3 Linu NEW Catching of java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
4555 nor P3 Wind NEW WSDL2Java stubs not including namespace definition
4566 maj P3 Linu NEW globus-deploy-gar insists that ANT_HOME be set
4610 nor P3 All NEW Service invocation does not match on complete signature
4831 nor P3 Linu NEW GWSDL RP Inheritence Limited
4845 nor P3 Linu NEW String array does not get through from service to client.
4931 enh P3 Linu NEW Enhancement to share/globus_wsrf_tools/build-stubs.xml
5589 nor P3 All NEW Possible bad initialization in with jrockit 1.5
5818 enh P3 All NEW Allow log4j settings to be updated dynamically
5889 enh P3 Linu NEW CEDPS logging -- make it possible to find the client IP associated with a request
5973 nor P3 Wind NEW Relative location in WSDLs
6097 nor P3 Wind NEW the bug about the time consumping under Windows of the GT4
6124 nor P3 All NEW SubscribeHelper enhancement wish
6422 enh P3 All NEW misnamed JAR file
6481 nor P3 Wind NEW Upgrade xalan and xmlsec jars
6636 nor P3 All NEW These errors messages need to be improved to indicate the problem
6702 cri P3 Wind NEW javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: enumeration not bound
6704 nor P3 All NEW GT 4.0.8 WS Core does not copy Log4J to Tomcat 5.0.28 for deploySecureTomcat
6711 nor P3 Linu NEW Advisory for bug 6531 breaks Globus container
6805 nor P3 Linu NEW left-over container pid file crashes detached container start
6806 nor P3 All NEW GLOBUS_USAGE_OPTOUT does not propagate into Globus container.
6858 nor P3 Wind NEW Exceptions thrown while constructing an operation provider don't cause the service to fail to start
7107 nor P3 Linu NEW Deploying Globus into Tomcat apparently requires a connection to
5257 enh P3 Linu NEW Persist data to database.
5582 nor P3 All NEW Investigate replacing home-grown container with embedded Jetty
6098 nor P3 All NEW Set Application Scope as default in Globus RPC Provider
6111 nor P3 All NEW Clarify error message when GLOBUS_HOSTNAME set incorrectly
6112 nor P3 All NEW Unclear warning when client CLASSPATH doesn't start with GLOBUS_LOCATION
6113 nor P3 All NEW Unclear resource missing error
6554 nor P3 All NEW Ivy
5548 enh P5 All NEW Making relevant configuration data accessible
5790 nor P2 Linu ASSI WS core version
5779 maj P3 All ASSI Add fix for bugzilla 3774 to 4.0.x release series
5502 nor P3 Wind ASSI Error accessing Axis service
5546 nor P3 All ASSI Endorsing Xerces/Xalan in tomcat
4874 nor P3 Linu ASSI LRUCache problem during job submission from Condor-G to GRAM4
6317 min P3 All ASSI Unable to upgrade to commons-digester 1.8
6676 blo P3 All ASSI 4.0 build broken on globus-wsdl-parser
63 bugs found.
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