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56 bugs found.
ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
1502 nor P2 Sola NEW GridFTP with data channel protection lead to corrupted files
898 nor P2 All NEW PureTLS documentation
937 nor P2 Linu NEW GlobusURL constructor inconsistencies
1056 maj P2 Linu NEW ftp client in emode after receiving EODC does not wait for EOD on the same channel
1521 nor P2 All NEW GridFTPOutputStream and FTPOutputStream class cannot flush.
1610 enh P2 Wind NEW Setting trusted CA certificate for GridFTP client
1682 enh P2 Wind NEW FTP - setting bufer size for transfer
2413 cri P2 Linu NEW Decrypt Error
6979 maj P3 All NEW GridFTPClient.close() can block forever
2277 maj P3 All NEW GridFTPClient bug Parallel, Passive, EBlockImageDCReader does not receive EOF
2345 enh P3 Wind NEW Allow for a way to set cert and key location using environment variables
3148 nor P3 Wind NEW HTTPInputStream doesn't work with servers that don't need explicit port numbers
3299 enh P3 All NEW Cog security implementation does not support the extended key usage extension
3961 nor P3 Wind NEW COG parallelism get error
4010 nor P3 All NEW 3rd Party Software Updates
4011 nor P3 All NEW GridFTP Library Improvements
4304 nor P3 Wind NEW Class does not represent an RSA key
4682 blo P3 All NEW cog-fx: gsi client side authorization coupled with delegation problem
4812 con P3 All NEW patch to compute checksums for globus-url-copy
4827 nor P3 All NEW Java security libraries do not recognize PKCS8-encoded private keys
6123 enh P3 All NEW document CoG MyProxy clients
6890 enh P3 All NEW add myproxy jglobus support for SASL/Kerberos
5271 con P3 Linu NEW Client support for new GridFTP commands MLSR,CHGRP,UTIME,SYMLINK
4923 nor P3 All NEW GlobusCredential constructor accepts expired credential
5161 nor P3 All NEW Trusted Certificates Directory
5196 blo P3 Wind NEW grid-proxy-* and other certificates tools is not working on Thai locale
5197 blo P3 Wind NEW grid-proxy-* and other certificates tools is not working on Thai locale
5473 nor P3 Wind NEW Generalized certificate validation
5543 nor P3 All NEW GlobusCredential methods ignore self-signed certs
5811 maj P3 Linu NEW empty SSL packet causes jglobus to shutdown connection
5868 maj P3 All NEW Usefulness of log and error messages
5888 con P3 All NEW Support for other types of KeyStores in GridProxyInit
5981 nor P3 All NEW subclasses of org.globus.gsi.jaas.SimplePrincipal
6021 nor P3 All NEW PureTLS doesn't check certificate validity times properly
6202 nor P3 Wind NEW Add release targets for jglobus-fx module
6297 min P3 Linu NEW Misleading error on bad host name
6421 nor P3 Wind NEW Configuring ciphers usage (in Tomcat)
6673 enh P3 All NEW Need faster delegation processing - re-use keypairs
6678 nor P3 Linu NEW Funny host authorization behavior
6712 nor P3 Linu NEW Signing policy parser does not escape regexp characters
6730 enh P3 All NEW support SHA-2 certificates in jglobus
6747 nor P3 All NEW GssInputStream.available() lies
6780 nor P3 All NEW CoG 1.7 release
6885 maj P3 All NEW PureTLSUtil.getX509Name(String globusID) or CertUtil.toGlobusID() bug
6891 nor P3 All NEW Allow configurable CRL reload interval
7141 nor P3 Linu NEW Implement https/httpg (GSI) connector for Tomcat 6 and 7
7161 nor P3 All NEW jglobus cog refuses to sign proxies with keyUsageExt
7254 maj P3 Linu NEW Cog-jglobus utilities do not detect corrupted/bad CRL and thus allow a user to access resources with revoked credentials
7273 cri P3 Wind NEW authentication fails under https and JRE1.7
7279 cri P3 Linu NEW GridFTPClient's extendedMultipleTransfer hangs when transferring more than 1000 small files
7072 enh P3 All NEW jglobus MyProxy should allow multiple server hostnames with different ports
6261 nor P3 Linu ASSI Failing GridFTP pipelined transfers
6294 nor P3 Linu ASSI Non standard URL parsing for file: method (extra / required)
2761 enh P3 All ASSI please use enumerated types
6355 cri P3 Linu ASSI Multithreaded Java Application hanging on GSSSocket getInputStream function
6508 nor P3 Wind ASSI CAMPAIGN: Improve server identity processing in GSI Java
56 bugs found.
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