Bug 1873 - Output file generated by grid-proxy-init is not named correctly
: Output file generated by grid-proxy-init is not named correctly
: CoG jglobus
: 1.1
: Sun Solaris
: P3 major
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Reported: 2004-08-09 19:53 by
Modified: 2005-12-05 17:10 (History)



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Description From 2004-08-09 19:53:55
For eg. purpose, consider username = xyz and user id = 123
After installing Globus toolkit 3.2.1, the authorized user "xyz" created a proxy
certificate using the commands grid-proxy-init.
This generates an output file called /tmp/x509up_u123

When we run a globus job, this gives an error saying that file /tmp/x509up_u_xyz
not found.
When we mv /tmp/x509up_u123 /tmp/x509up_u_xyz
The globus job can now verify the certificate and can now be submitted and
completed. It seems like the default output file that is generated by
grid-proxy-init, is not the same as what is looked for when authentication is
checked at job submission.
So this move/copy of files has to be done everytime grid-proxy-init is run(since
the proxy is valid for a limited time)
------- Comment #1 From 2004-08-12 00:26:07 -------
This actually has to do with how our code detects the user id. It does so by 
executing 'id -u' program in the background. On solaris this doesn't quite 
work. But '/usr/xpg4/bin/id' works as expected. The code was updated to 
execute '/usr/xpg4/bin/id' program if on solaris and the program is installed.
There are other workarounds this problem as well. One can pass a 'UID' system 
property, or the proxy location can be set in the ~/.globus/cog.properties 
file. See CoG FAQ for details.